The Glow Spa Experience

Glow Skin Care and Analysis is perfect for:
*Bridal Showers or Wedding Parties
*Ladies day at the Spa
*Birthday Gifts
*Valentine's Day Gifts
*Mothers Day Getaways
With Glow, we can help you cure acne or aging! Proudly serving Denver, Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Parker and all of the Denver-Front Range area!

What is a Glow Skin Analysis?

The Glow Skin Analysis is a luxurious, state of the art way to get the skin you always wanted. Using advanced UV technology we can see beneath the surface of your skin to diagnose and treat it's conditions. When you do a Glow Analysis you get a certified and caring technician who becomes your personal skin care consultant. There has never been a better way to get the skin you always wanted.

It is possible to look as young as you feel!

with today's innovative technology, it is now possible to look as young as you feel! Your personal skin care consultant will work with you to reverse the signs of aging giving you the opportunity to look up to 15 years younger naturally!

The Machine

Meet the Glow Vista. With it's innovative UV Technology we can diagnose and treat your skin's conditions. It is completely safe with the UV exposure being less than that of 15 minutes of sun bathing.
The Glow Vista allows you to see the conditions of your skin and also how you can repair it.

The Analysis

The Glow Vista machine will basically take an x-ray of your skin to show you what conditions exist beneath it. This gives us the ability to see clogged pores, dehydrated skin, DNA or sun damage, poor circulation etc. and then treat these conditions to give you the skin you always wanted.